Thomas Anthony Gallery

Amber & Red
Austere Celebration
Chilled White
From start to finish
The Point of Conversation is...
From the Vitners Home
Life is good
Red & Bleu
Daisey Thoughts
Golden Afternoon
Seaside Martini
Silver Mist
A Summer's Day
A Full Bowl
A Moment in Time
2000 - A Great Year
Porcelain Bowl with Cherries
Sunny Red
A taste of Brandy
First Glass
Red & Blue
With a Twist
Just Opened
Fresh Fruit & Glass
Shaken, not Stirred
Amber Light
Steaming Hot
By the Sea
Petals of Purple
Berries & Ice
Peaches and an Apple
Snifter & Ice
Upon the Edge
In The Morning's Light
Restful Evening
Crystal, Gold & Red
Romantic Flame
Single Petal

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