Thomas Anthony Gallery

22 November 2022
Acrylic by David Gonzales

A beautiful painting with a large presence in a magnificent Deer Valley home!

22 November 2022
A show stopper by David Gonzales

Close up of a 60" x 60" bear painting by David Gonzales in its new home!

22 November 2022
Anton Arkhipov - Mixed Media on Canvas

This is what skiing Deer Valley is all about! This painting is now in a wonderful ski-in - ski-out home at Deer Valley resort.

22 November 2022
David Gonzales - Acrylic on board

Power, speed, and agility is found in a David Gonzales ski painting in a beautiful Deer Valley home.

22 November 2022
Alison Dearborn

Strong vibrant colors bringing excitement to a space..

22 November 2022
Dorsey McHugh - Acrylic

Perfect size painting for this perfect size wall with a splash of color!

26 August 2022
Mixed Media paintings by Dorsey McHugh

Multiple paintings finding a home in Sundance.

26 August 2022
3 Aspen paintings

Aspen paintings by Amy Everhart in a Utah home.

26 August 2022
French artist Sable

Bronze entitled "Self Portrait" enjoying the Texas sun.

18 August 2022
Life size bronze by Josh Tobey

Beautifully presented in a Park City home!

18 August 2022
An Office Reminder to go out and play!

A collector in SLC who reminds himself that "all work & no play" is not for him! Acrylic painting by David Gonzales.

11 August 2022
Original painting by Arkhipov

Perfect painting for a ski in - ski out home in Deer Valley!

10 August 2022
Shannon with new collectors

"Lester" sold before the paint was dry at the Park City Arts Festival. This Highland Cow is on its way to New York.

10 August 2022
Highland Cows were very popular during the Arts Festival

Shannon with a collector from California.

9 August 2022
Contemporary Cowboy

New image by Carrie Fell in a beautiful home in Las Vegas.

6 August 2022
Meditation Series

Contemporary abstracts by Rolinda. Perfect paintings for the perfect walls in Park City.

3 August 2022
"Three Graces" in Bronze

Base of recent purchase of "Three Graces" signed by Michael Talbot at collectors home before returning to London. Other gallery artists represented in background.

18 June 2022
London based sculptor Michael Talbot

Two large bronzes shipped to a Texas collector!

18 June 2022
Acrylic on board by David Gonzales

Large wolf in a Park City home!

18 June 2022
Large crowds have returned

More & more people are enjoying shows & getting out to the galleries.

18 June 2022
Josh Tobey bronze

This large Josh Tobey steer was a work in progress to ensure the safety of its delivery to our collector in California!

18 June 2022
David Gonzales acrylic

Bears have been a popular choice!

18 June 2022
Getting out & enjoying life

A return to the joy of living as it was pre-pandemic.

18 June 2022
Large has been the norm!

Since the beginning of the pandemic, large paintings have been the most popular purchase.

18 June 2022
Rolinda commission

A specific size for a specific space here in Park City!

28 January 2022
Landscapes by Everhart

Gorgeous colors in a landscape hanging in a beautiful New York City home.

26 January 2022
Abstract illusion by Aguiar

The illusion of depth, dimensionality, & motion in an abstract painting. These are real "Showstoppers" in the gallery.

26 January 2022
12 abstract paintings surrounding a window

"Color Therapy" by Rolinda in a Park City Home

26 January 2022
Beautiful paintings, not just for home, but for the office too!

David Gonzales ski painting, acrylic on board.

19 January 2022
Spanish painter Hinojosa

Paintings of Paris in a beautiful contemporary Michigan home!

19 January 2022
Oil on Canvas by Everhart

Beautiful winter painting hanging in a Park City collectors home.

14 January 2022
3 Panel Painting by Rolinda

Beautiful winter scene hanging in a home in our ski resort.

7 January 2022
Painting by Everhart

Stunning Aspens in a collectors home in Maryland.

7 January 2022
Bronzes by Josh Tobey

New additions to a collectors home.

7 January 2022
Wrapping up the Holiday Season

Getting caught up on Holiday sales.

7 January 2022
A Perfect Set

Paintings by S. Marie in a collectors home Las Vegas.

22 December 2021
Spalted Silver Leaf Maple

A beautiful Ted Knight wood vessel in a Salt Lake City home.

22 December 2021
Original Acrylic by David V. Gonzales

48" x 60" painting is the perfect size for this gorgeous Park City home.

22 December 2021
Art to Perfection

Magnificent presentation in a fabulous home in Park City.

22 December 2021
Bronze & Copper Trees

Wall sculptures by gallery artist Smith hanging in a fabulous home in Park City.

22 December 2021
Bronze Sculpture

"Three Graces" by Michael Talbot in a beautiful home in Texas

10 November 2021
Our newest installation

Bronze & Copper trees in a gorgeous Las Vegas home! Special thanks to Dave Berry who went to Las Vegas to do the installation for us!

10 November 2021
Summer time Aspens

Summer time Aspens by artist McNeil.

10 November 2021
First Time Collectors

Always wonderful to see a new generation of collectors visiting Park City. Painting by Greg Dye shipped to Virginia.

10 November 2021
Contemporary Cowboy Artist Carrie Fell

Located in a beautiful home in Deer Valley, "Over the Moon Saloon" by Carrie Fell.

10 November 2021
Closing out the fall season

Thank you for a strong fall season with visitors & buyers from all over the country!

10 November 2021
Cowboy Country in Bronze

"Bathsheba" by Amborson in bronze on its way to Georgia with one of the many new collectors who came into the gallery this fall.

10 November 2021
Bronze & Copper Aspens

Aspen trees by gallery artist Smith displayed here in Park City.

10 November 2021
"Songs of Grace" by Frederick Hart

"Songs of Grace" in a spectacular Louisville Kentucky home. This cast sculpture is in the Hermitage Museum Collection in St. Petersburg Russia.

2 September 2021
"Callisto" by Michael Talbot

These Talbot collectors installed a mirror to maximize the visual enjoyment of their new bronze.

27 August 2021
Elegance & Sophistication in Bronze

Beautiful bronze by Michael Talbot at the home of one of our best collectors.

27 August 2021
Sculpture by Talbot, painting by Javier

This bronze sculpture shipped to a collector in Texas is by London based Michael Talbot. The painting is by Spanish Hyper-Realist Javier.

27 August 2021
The art of visualization before purchase.

The gallery will provide a digital visual rendition of what the collectors purchase will look like before delivery. This beautiful acrylic painting by Katherine Houston is hanging in a wonderful home near Park City.

5 August 2021
Josh Tobey bronze

"Big Barefoot" by Josh Tobey at the home of a gallery collector.

31 July 2021
Meet & Greet with Shannon Marie Schacht

Shannon drew crowds through out a weekend in July for her painting demonstrations.

31 July 2021
The beginning stages of shipping a large bronze to a collector

Unique life size bronzes require a lot of internal structural support. The cross beam is the first of six that will hold "Stepping Stone" in place while on its way to Rhode Island.

31 July 2021
Aspens by Amy Everhart

Beautiful fall colors by painter Amy Everhart in a collectors home in Utah

31 July 2021
The challenge of shipping a larger than life size bronze

Josh Tobey "Large Lazy Days" on its way to a collector in Austin Tx, protected by 3/4 inch wood side walls. Custom built crates for shipping to collectors must be done correctly for safety.

31 July 2021
Brodrick Wolf

Capturing the essence of a lone wolf by gallery artist Brodrick at home in Park City

2 June 2021
Bears on the way to Chicago

Life size bronze bears by Josh Tobey on the way to a client in Chicago. This is just the beginning of the crating process to ensure the safety of the bears during transport.

25 May 2021
Aspens by Amy Everhart

Fall colors by landscape painter Amy Everhart, in a collectors home in Utah.

21 May 2021
Spanish impressionist Royo

A beautiful Royo at a collectors home in Spokane.

21 May 2021
Three panel painting by Rolinda

A beautiful 3 panel painting by a collector in Washington.

22 April 2021
Life size Blue Heron - Bronze

Beautifully patinaed bronze by Josh Tobey in a collectors home in South Carolina.

22 April 2021
Thank You!

To those willing to travel to Park City this winter, thank you! Hopefully the pandemic will be nothing more than a memory next winter. Wrapping up another winter season and thankful to our collectors.

22 April 2021
Second Commission for Lindsey Vonn

Power, speed, strength, in a painting by David V. Gonzales, delivered to Lindsey Vonn to her home here in Park City.

22 April 2021
Bronze sculpture by Josh Tobey

Playful otters shipped to a collector in Pennsylvania.

22 April 2021
Painting by David V. Gonzales

Memories of a ski vacation now hanging in New York City.

22 April 2021
3 piece, 5 stem wall sculpture

Beautifully placed above a collectors wall cabinet in Utah

22 April 2021
On its way to Dallas

The cost of lumber has gone through the roof, but we always pay for crating & shipping, regardless of size, for our collectors.

22 April 2021
Bronze Quarter Horse

Beautiful acquisition by our collector in Louisville, home of the Kentucky Derby.

22 April 2021
Large Red Fragment

Wall sculpture by Smith in a beautiful home in Utah.

22 April 2021
Our very last McElwain

In a collectors home in Park City

22 April 2021
Larger than Life

Larger than life sculpture by Frederick Hart in a collectors home in Kentucky.

22 April 2021
Wall sculpture for the perfect setting!

Finding the right piece for the right placement can be tricky.

22 April 2021
Large paintings require extra care

Extra packaging, careful handling, safety first. This painting went to a collector in Chicago.

6 January 2021
New Collectors of Rolinda

Five piece landscape painting by Rolinda in the home of new gallery collectors from Louisiana. Beautiful!

28 December 2020
Painting by Amy Everhart

Painting by Amy Everhart in a beautiful home by gallery collectors.

28 December 2020
Everhart Commission

In the home of collectors from Pennsylvania who commissioned this painting by gallery artist Amy Everhart.

15 December 2020
Josh Tobey bronze

Beautifully patinaed bronze by artist Josh Tobey in a collectors home.

15 December 2020
Dimensional Wall Sculpture

Bronze & Copper Aspen by Smith

15 December 2020
Tobey "American Bears"

Bronze bears at a collectors home.

15 December 2020
Frederick Hart sculpture

Hart acrylic sculpture in the home of a collector.

15 December 2020
Spanish painter Royo

Painting by Royo in the home of a Houston collector.

8 December 2020
Josh Tobey life size bronze

Beautiful fox in a gorgeous Deer Valley home!

5 December 2020
Magical, mystical fairy in bronze

Delightful fairy in bronze with complimentary original drawing used as inspiration by artist Michael Talbot presented in a collectors home. These wonderful fairies are available at Thomas Anthony Gallery. $3250

5 December 2020
Whimsical, mystical, fairies in bronze

Delightful bronze fairy by Michael Talbot with complimentary original drawing presented to the collector that was used as inspiration for the sculpture.

5 December 2020
All leather Sculpture

Hand made Chan Liu-miao leather sculpture at the home of a major collector of Thomas Anthony Gallery.

27 November 2020
Josh Tobey bronzes make a family

7 bronze ducks & ducklings in in a collectors yard. Adorable!

21 November 2020
Outdoors on a collectors patio

Peaceful & serene. Bronze by Ambroson

31 October 2020
Chan Liu-miao

All leather sculpture in a Louisville collectors home!

29 October 2020
Adorable Duck & Ducklings - Bronze

Wonderfully presented in the home of one of our best Tobey collectors

28 October 2020
Ambroson sculpture shipped to Texas

"Dawning of the Day" by gallery artist Rodd Ambroson

23 October 2020
Recently shipped Ducks & Ducklings awaiting installation in client backyard

Beautifully patinaed bronzes by Josh Tobey waiting for their permanent home in the backyard of a collector

16 October 2020
Beautiful presentation by one of our best collectors

Frederick Hart bronze in a magnificent Kentucky home

2 October 2020
New Installation in a new home

Tobey bronze in a new mountain home.

2 October 2020
Contemporary Cowboy paintings by Carrie Fell

Carrie Fell paintings in a wonderful home in Park City

2 October 2020
Two Abstract Paintings by Fara Thomas

Nice presentation at a home in Deer Valley

11 August 2020
Perfect compliments for the fireplace!

David V. Gonzales paintings installed on both sides of a collectors fireplace.

7 August 2020
Painting by Amy Everhart

In the home of a Pennsylvania collector.

29 July 2020
Artist Jeannine Young delivering a bronze sculpture to the gallery for a client

Artist Jeannine Young delivering her creation in bronze entitled "Penny For Your Thoughts" for one of our favorite collectors, to be shipped to Kathy in Texas!

28 July 2020
Thank You!

We would like to thank all of you for your continued support this July as we finish the month! The safety in the packaging of your paintings and sculptures is always a priority!

16 July 2020
Tobey bronze

Outdoors at a collectors home! Beautiful!

16 July 2020
Dorsey McHugh acrylic

The right size McHugh painting for the wall in a beautiful spacious Park City home.

26 June 2020
Oil on canvas by artist Mario

A beautiful landscape in a fabulous Park City home!

26 June 2020
Tobey bronze bears "Hide & Seek" - Bronze & Copper Aspens by Smith

Bronze sculptures in a beautiful setting in a Park City home!

29 May 2020
Large commission shipped to Hawaii

"Leo" commissioned and shipped to Hawaii, painted by artist David V. Gonzales. David does amazing portraits for gallery collectors over and above his usual high energy paintings.

22 May 2020
"Puppy Power" at home in Austin Texas

A gallery collectors puppy and the bronze "Puppy Power" by artist Napier share a moment in front of the camera!

22 May 2020
"Weedeater" Napier

A fun loving bronze by sculptor Napier in a gallery collectors home.

8 May 2020
Tobey bronze "Cold Feet"

This wonderful collector is displaying "Cold Feet" up front & centered!

8 May 2020
Ducks by Josh Tobey / Gardener by Ambroson

Beautiful bronzes at home with one of our most accomplished collectors!

8 May 2020
Glorious colors by painter Amy Everhart

Beautiful painting at home in Indiana!

8 May 2020
Sculpture by Ambroson

Wonderful setting for this particular Ambroson sculpture!

8 May 2020
Ambroson sculpture titled "Morning Light"

Ambroson bronze sculpture at its new home!

14 March 2020
Ambroson bronze / Brodrick acrylic

One of our Texas collectors with his new sculpture & painting purchase.

8 March 2020
Josh Tobey bronze

"Beauty Sleep" by Josh Tobey in a collectors home in Park City

8 March 2020
Gallery opening for Josh Tobey

Gallery show for wildlife sculptor Josh Tobey at Thomas Anthony Gallery 2020.

8 March 2020
Artist Josh Tobey with gallery collectors.

Bronze sculptures by wildlife artist Josh Tobey with collectors.

8 March 2020
McHugh Mixed Media paintings

Paintings purchased at the McHugh show in a home here in Utah.

8 March 2020
Landscapes by Mario

Highly textured landscapes by Mario in a collectors home here in Utah.

25 February 2020
Josh Tobey " Beauty Sleep" bronze

A beautiful bronze by Josh Tobey in a beautiful home in Utah!

24 February 2020
McHugh painting in Park City

McHugh painting in a Utah Home!

24 February 2020
Rolinda painting from our 2020 show

Beautiful painting by Rolinda in a beautiful Park City home!

15 February 2020
McNeill landscape

Aspen painter McNeil painted with oil on canvas.

15 February 2020
Dorsey McHugh acrylic

The right size for this wall in a collectors home.

15 February 2020
Landscape by Mario

Beautiful colors in a landscape by Mario in the perfect home.

15 February 2020
McHugh paintings

A series of McHugh paintings going down a stairwell in a beautiful Utah home

14 February 2020
Josh Tobey bronze "Altitude"

A custom built pedestal to display a beautiful Tobey bronze.

14 February 2020
Ted Knight Wood Vessel

Knight wood vessel with cone sculpted in center at home with gallery collector!

10 February 2020
Gallery Sculptor Ambroson

Gallery collector displaying his Ambroson sculptures.

9 February 2020
Ed Anderson talking to collectors

Great crowd for wildlife painter Ed Anderson

9 February 2020
Ed Anderson show at Thomas Anthony Gallery

Ed had a great turnout for his first show at the gallery.

28 January 2020
No More Wall Space? No Problem!

Dorsey McHugh painting in the home of a collector where the need for a wall to hang a painting is not necessary.

25 January 2020
Artist Rolinda

A Rolinda landscape chosen for this beautiful New Hampshire home.

25 January 2020
How Fun! Sculptor Mackenzie Thorpe

Gallery client custom paints a table for her Mackenzie Thorpe sculpture.

21 January 2020
Sundance has arrived! Taking care of last minute deliveries!

Liu Miao Chan leather sculpture in a magnificent Utah home!

21 January 2020
Joshua Tobey bronze

Lion Cubs in a beautiful home back East!

6 January 2020
Busy post Holiday weekend

Wrapping up post Holiday sales. Nice to be caught up!

28 December 2019
Amy Everhart opening

Amy had a wonderful show last night as she presented a new collection of paintings!

28 December 2019
Busy night in the gallery!

Amy Everhart show 2019!

26 December 2019
Aspens by Smith

Aspen trees by gallery artist Smith in a magnificent Park City home!

17 December 2019
Big & Beautiful!

Large wood vessel by gallery artist Ted Knight in a beautiful Utah home!

3 December 2019
Spanish painter, French sculptor

New to our gallery, Spanish painter Hinojosa, and established sculptor from France Josepha, now in a collectors home.

17 November 2019
Rolinda suite of paintings

Rolinda contemporary landscapes shipped safely to a beautiful New Jersey home.

13 November 2019
Gallery artists Brodrick & McNeill

A beautiful Brodrick wolf & winter landscape by McNeill in the home of a gallery collector..

13 November 2019
Hyper-Realism & Contemporary Representational

Spanish Hyper-Realist Javier & American sculptor Frederick Hart. Both artists have been popular in the gallery for two decades now.

13 October 2019
Color & Texture by Mario

Waking up to this beautiful landscape in a gorgeous Utah home!

13 October 2019
McHugh Acrylic

A collector finding the right painting for the right wall!

13 October 2019
Landscape by Mario

The beauty of color added to a fabulous Utah home!

17 September 2019
The perfect fit

Katherine McNeill painting in a very comfortable home. The perfect fit, the perfect purchase!

17 September 2019
Katherine McNeill paintings at home with very good clients.

Thomas Anthony Gallery is pleased to make these paintings available to one of our favorite clients.

12 September 2019
Deep in the heart of Texas!

Painting by gallery artist McNeill, wood vessel by Ted Knight.

12 September 2019
Artists Tobey, Ted Knight, Samerjan

Ted Knight wood vessel, Tobey bronze elk, Samerjan painting

12 September 2019
David V. Gonzales show

Collectors with their new painting by David V. Gonzales.

12 September 2019
David V. Gonzales show

David giving a painting demonstration at his show during the Tour of Utah

12 September 2019
David V. Gonzales show

Collectors with David V Gonzales

8 September 2019
Beautiful! Rolinda

This painting is in a wonderful home in Park City!

31 August 2019
Artists Hart, Knight, DeDecker

Paintings purchased from Thomas Anthony Gallery by DeDecker, wood vessel by Ted Knight, & acrylic sculpture by Frederick Hart.

30 August 2019
Josh Tobey

New Bronze Rams by Josh Tobey at home with a Texas Collector!

24 August 2019
Ambroson bronze

First time collectors from Chicago with their beautiful new sculpture!

23 August 2019
Celebrated Wood Turner Ted Knight

This amazing quilted big leaf maple wood vessel is in a gorgeous home in Park City!

23 August 2019
Eichenger bronze

This wonderful bronze has found a home in Salt Lake City with a gallery collector.

23 August 2019
Rolinda landscape

This original painting by Rolinda is now in a beautiful Park City home!

8 August 2019
Magnificent colors!

This Texas collector is a big fan of landscape painter Katherine McNeill.

8 August 2019
Gallery Artist Katherine McNeill

Beautiful landscape paintings & Samurai sculptures by Liu Miao Chan. Our collector hangs his collection with such professionalism!

25 July 2019
One of our favorite collectors in Texas

Bronze figurative sculptures by Ambroson, painting by Samerjan.

25 July 2019
Gallery Artists at home in Houston

Leather sculpture by Liu Miao Chan, paintings by Samerjan, acrylic sculpture by Hart, bronze steer by Tobey

12 July 2019
Perfect size & color for this beautiful home!

Gallery artist Finn adding Color & Beauty to a Park City home!

6 July 2019
Rolinda commission for Texas client

Beautiful triptych customized for our Dallas metro Texas clients.

6 July 2019
Joshua Tobey Otter

A water display created for the new Josh Tobey Otter titled "Mothership" in a collectors sculpture garden in Austin Tx.

19 June 2019
New Joshua Tobey bronze

New fox by artist Joshua Tobey which is selling very well. First one delivered to a Utah home!

13 June 2019
Perfect choice in this beautiful livingroom!

A favorite painting of artist Dorsey McHugh in this amazing Utah home.

13 June 2019
Nashville is where I want to be!

A beautiful Amy Everhart painting in its new home.

19 April 2019
"This is How it Starts"

Collectors visualizing on their wall in Texas what the size of the 3 piece commission that they have ordered will look like. STAY TUNED!

19 April 2019
Aspen Wall Sculpture

The perfect art choice in this beautiful home in Park City by gallery artist Smith

19 April 2019
Ambroson "Make the Dance Your Own"

Bronze sculpture by gallery artist Ambroson at home in Georgia

19 April 2019
Rolinda Abstract

Abstract paintings by gallery artist Rolinda in a Manhattan home in New York

19 April 2019
Wrapping up the Season

Large Smith aspen wall sculptures on their way to South Carolina

25 March 2019
Life size Tobey Fox

Large Tobey bronze at home by the lake in Ohio

25 March 2019
Tobey bronzes

Tobey Lion Cubs in a beautiful home in Ohio

25 March 2019
Spanish Impressionist Berenguer

Cozy & comfortable in New Jersey

25 March 2019
Rolinda panels

Paintings by Rolinda at home in Michigan

11 March 2019
Rolinda 6 piece

The painting featured on our Rolinda show invitation stays here in a wonderful Park City home.

11 March 2019
Shipping to Collectors

Packaging carefully when shipping purchases to collectors is always a priority.

2 March 2019
Josh Tobey Bronze

A cozy cat staying warm in front of the fireplace at home with Houston Texas collectors

23 February 2019
David V. Gonzales painting

The perfect painting for the perfect home in Park City

23 February 2019
New painting in Park City home!

David V. Gonzales painting above a beautiful table in a Park City home.

23 February 2019
Post Josh Tobey show dinner

Dinner with collectors from Florida.

23 February 2019
Josh Tobey Show

Wonderful collectors from Florida who purchased the large bronze bear!

23 February 2019
Josh Tobey show

Nice turnout for Josh on Opening Night

30 January 2019
Private reception during the Sundance Film Festival

A private event held at Thomas Anthony Gallery during the Sundance Film Festival for the Environment, featuring Park City Mayor, Representatives from various Utah State Districts up from the State Capital & friends.

30 January 2019
New Josh Tobey creations in Bronze

Stunning new works by Josh Tobey. Meet & Greet Josh at Thomas Anthony Gallery Friday, February 22nd 6-9pm, Saturday, February 23rd 6-9pm.

30 January 2019
Dimensional Wall Sculpture

Commission by gallery artist Smith at a beautiful home in Park City.

30 January 2019
Leather Sculptures by Lui Miao Chan

Unique leather Sculptures done by hand for the collection of one of our best clients.

30 January 2019
Mixed Media Original

Beautiful painting by Samerjan in a stunning Park City home.

30 January 2019
Artist David V. Gonzales

About to be hung in the perfect niche in Park City. Original Acrylic

30 January 2019
Mackencie Thorpe

Mackencie Thorpe sculpture at home back East with our long time collectors from Louisville.

11 November 2018
Joshua Tobey bronze

A beautiful elk by Josh Tobey in a spectacular Park City home!

11 November 2018
Bobcat on the loose!

Bronze sculpture by Joshua Tobey in a beautiful Texas home!

11 November 2018
French Artist Meunier

The beauty of Southern France in a spectacular Florida home!

11 November 2018
California Dreaming

The vibrant colors of a Dorsey McHugh original in a special California home.

29 September 2018
Artist Josh Tobey

Our most recent collectors of "Joy of Life" by Josh Tobey have their sculpture beautifully lighted in their Houston home.

29 September 2018
Artist Amy Everhart

Large Amy Everhart painting in a beautiful Colorado mountain home.

29 September 2018
Texas collector at home with 2 friends

Outside paintings by Korean artists Yuns. Middle painting by contemporary artist Edwards.

29 September 2018
3 Gallery Artists in a Contemporary Kitchen

Left to Right: Spanish Hyper-realist Javier, London based sculptor Mackenzie Thorpe, Korean abstract artists Yuns.

29 September 2018
Artist Amy Everhart

The right size painting for the right size wall.

29 September 2018
A Wonderful Show with the Yuns

The Yuns, artists from Korea with good friends.

29 September 2018
A collector from New York with the Yuns

This collector bought a painting by the Yuns on her way to the airport.

29 September 2018
Korean artists Jeonghan & Choonhyang Yun

Painting demonstrations by the Yuns drew big crowds during their appearance at Thomas Anthony Gallery

Summertime crowds in the gallery

29 September 2018
Rolinda Stotts Summer Gallery Show 2018

Rolinda doing a demonstration of her very unique painting technique during her show in July

29 September 2018
Arts Festival 2018

Gallery artist Amy Everhart painting in front of the gallery during the Arts Festival.

3 July 2018
Rolinda Commission

Bedroom commission by gallery artist Rolinda for collectors in Michigan

24 June 2018
Everhart Commission

Everhart paintings & commission for gallery collectors in Massachusetts.

18 June 2018
Alison Dearborn Acrylic

A beautiful Dearborn painting in a Utah home. Nice!

7 June 2018
Rolinda (Triptych)

A beautiful painting with fall colors at home in New Hampshire.

27 May 2018
Mackenzie Thorpe sculpture

"Seeds of Love" by Mackenzie Thorpe at home in California.

26 May 2018
Josh Tobey bronze

Our favorite rabbit "Jack" in a New York home.

26 May 2018
McHugh acrylic painting

A perfect Florida home for this inviting Dorsey McHugh painting.

26 May 2018
Bronze sculpture by French artist Josepha

A beautiful bronze by French artist Josepha in a Texas home.

26 May 2018
Smith Aspens

A commission in bronze & copper for California collectors.

26 May 2018
Colorful Impressionism

Two Spanish painters, Vilanova Irises, and a Hinojosa Parisian street scene in a collectors home in Texas.

22 May 2018
Life Size Tobey Bears

Beautifully patinaed life size bronze bears by Joshua Tobey at a collectors home on the East Coast.

22 May 2018
Yun paintings

Paintings by the Yuns in a beautiful contemporary collectors Deer Valley home. Look for this talented artistic couple to make an appearance this summer for an exhibition of new paintings at Thomas Anthony Gallery.

22 May 2018
Mackencie Thorpe Bronze

Sculpture by British artist Thorpe on the penthouse patio of our favorite Louisville collectors. Look for exciting new bronzes by Thorpe coming this summer/fall 2018.

22 May 2018
Mario landscape

Beautiful colors by Mario at home in Park City.

22 May 2018
Dorsey McHugh Oil

The life of a cow in a cozy New Jersey home.

22 May 2018
Smith Fall Aspens

Inside a beautiful Park City home you will find the changing of the seasons.

22 May 2018
Spanish painter Berenguer

Winter wonderland inside a Texas home.

22 May 2018
Everhart in Park City

Oil paintings by Amy Everhart in a wonderful Park City home.

22 May 2018
Ambroson sculpture

A beautiful bronze by Ambroson in the home of a collector.

22 May 2018
Yun abstracts

Yun paintings now residing in a New York City home.

22 May 2018
Amy Everhart Show

Wonderful collectors from Pennsylvania who added 2 more paintings to their Amy Everhart collection. Her biggest east coast collectors with a total of 10 paintings.

22 May 2018
Thank You Winter 2018

Thanks to all of our clients who made shipping throughout the Winter Season 2018 a pleasure!

19 May 2018
Amy Everhart Show

Amy always has a big crowd.

19 May 2018
Amy Everhart Show

Amy with a show collector and her painting to be shipped to a beautiful home in Pennsylvania.

19 May 2018
Amy Everhart Show

Amy Everhart show photo

19 May 2018
Joshua Tobey Show

JoJo Tobey showing bears created in bronze by Joshua Tobey.

19 May 2018
Rolinda Collectors

Collectors with Rolinda and their 5 paintings that were shipped to Michigan.

19 May 2018
Rolinda Opening

A steady crowd all night

19 May 2018
Dorsey McHugh Opening

Dorsey always has wonderful collectors show up for her show.

19 May 2018
Dorsey & Friends

Inseparable friends before the Dorsey McHugh show

30 November 2017
Rolinda commission

An anniversary gift to each other gracing the home of a collector in Texas.

22 November 2017
Gallery sculptor Ambroson

Figurative bronzes in the home of a Salt Lake City collector by gallery artist Rodd Ambroson.

15 November 2017
DeMott sculpture & McNeill painting

Aspens in the living room of a magnificent Utah home.

11 October 2017
Ted Knight at a collectors home

Large wood vessel by a talented & happy artist at a collectors home.

11 October 2017
Ted Knight delivering a wood vessel to a gallery collector

A beautiful creation in a Texas collectors home.

11 October 2017
Amy Everhart s biggest east coast collector

Two more beautiful paintings in this Pennsylvania home. How many is this now?

12 August 2017
English painter Mackenzie Thorpe

An Original pastel painting by London based Mackenzie Thorpe in a Texas home.

12 August 2017
Artist Josepha

Sculpture by French artist Josepha in a Park City home.

12 August 2017
Ted Knight -wood turner

Ted talking to a collector during his show this summer showcasing beautiful new creations.

12 August 2017
Ceramic vase by Alvar

A beautiful vase by Spanish master Alvar in a collectors home in Park City.

12 August 2017
Artist Rolinda

Original oil by gallery Artist Rolinda in a Park City dining room.

12 August 2017
Chinese sculptor Liu Miao Chan

A Princess sculpted in leather joins a Scholar sitting under a tree by Chinese sculptor Liu Miao Chan in a Texas home. Abstracts on hand made paper by gallery artists Yun.

12 August 2017
Spanish painter Alvar

Original graphite drawings by Spanish painter Alvar on display in a Park City home.

12 August 2017
Paintings by McCann & Royo

Original oils by Spanish painter Royo & American impressionist McCann in a Park City home.

18 June 2017
"One Too Many" by Josh Tobey

Josh Tobey bronze squirrel snoozing on a collectors patio.

18 May 2017
Spanish painter Royo

An elegant Royo in a beautifully remodeled Kansas city home belonging to a long time gallery collector!

18 May 2017
A collector with a passion for art!

Paintings by Luis Sottil. Sculpture by Sable & Jiang.

18 May 2017
Beautifully displayed!

Gallery artists McHugh & Hart & Jiang and from our former Dallas location artist Dennison.

18 May 2017
Alvar & Jiang

Gallery artists Alvar & Jiang in a newly remodeled clients home.

21 April 2017
Sable & Sottil

From the French Collection by Sable: "Rainy Day in Paris". "Naturalismo" on paper by Sottil now on display in a beautiful home in Kansas City!

21 April 2017
"Madame La Contesse & Friends" by Sable

Bronze sculpture from the "French Collection" now in a collectors home in New Jersey!

14 April 2017
End of season purchases on their way!

The Ski Resorts in Park City are closing for the winter season this weekend. We would like to thank our wonderful artists for giving us such incredible paintings and sculptures for our winter season, and a special thanks to our amazing collectors who support us year after year. We look forward to an exciting summer season!

5 April 2017
Gallery collectors at the Tom Betts show

Art collectors in front of the Tom Betts painting they purchased.

5 April 2017
Tom Betts show

Tom always draws a nice crowd

5 April 2017
Tom Betts talking to collectors at his show on March 31st.

Tom Betts explaining his technique.

4 March 2017
Ted Knight Vessel with Rolinda paintings!

A collectors room full of beautiful art by gallery artists!

3 March 2017
Finishing February Strong

Great collectors last month, looking forward to March!

1 March 2017
Ted Knight & Amy Everhart show

A fun night at Ted & Amy s show

1 March 2017
Amy Everhart with collectors at her show

Amy with art collectors from Orlando Florida!

1 March 2017
Ted Knight with a Spalted Sycamore wood vessel

Ted standing behind a beautiful wood vessel purchased by a collector in Texas!

22 February 2017
Aspen Tower

Adam Stewart 3 dimensional painting of fall aspens in a Deer Valley home.

18 February 2017
Tobey Bears with De Mott Tree Sculpture

Sculptures in a Wyoming collectors home

18 February 2017
De Mott collectors in Arizona

Two amazing De Mott sculptures purchased by Arizona collectors

18 February 2017
Dorsey McHugh with collectors

Dorsey with collectors in front of their painting purchased at the show

18 February 2017
Dorsey McHugh Show Friday Night

A nice turnout for Dorsey at her show on Friday

18 February 2017
Dorsey McHugh at the home of a collector

Dorsey in town for a show at the gallery at a pre show party at a collectors home

17 February 2017
An Arkhipov with a very cozy feeling!

The perfect home for this painting in Park City!

17 February 2017
Josh Tobey Show!

A nice turnout for Josh Tobey!

8 February 2017
Rolinda entitled "Side by Side I, II, VI

Three piece panel in a collectors home Alabama.

3 February 2017
Gallery Artists McHugh, Tobey & De Mott

Two McHugh paintings, a Tobey bronze and a De Mott sculpture defines this gallery collectors room in Texas!

26 January 2017
Colorful sculpted trees by gallery artist Smith

Big, Bold , and Beautiful in a Park City home.

11 January 2017
Gallery Artists Ted Knight, Mackenzie Thorpe, Michelle Samerjan

Beautiful art collection, deep in the Heart of Texas!

28 December 2016
Contemporary Dimensional Sculpture

Beautiful mix media sculpture by Dunlop on a collectors wall.

10 December 2016
Ted Knight "Spalted Palo Blanco" wood vessel

A magnificent Ted Knight creation at home in Oklahoma for the holidays!

8 December 2016
Amy Everhart commission for the Holidays!

Everhart landscape shipped to a beautiful California home.

3 December 2016
Spanish painter Berenguer, new to our gallery for the holidays!

Christmas quilt with Spanish painter Berenguer, a new artist to our gallery at home in Wisconsin.

Life size Tobey bronze singing coyote accompanied by a Tobey heron in bronze in a beautiful Virginia home.

4 November 2016
"Three Tenors" by Josh Tobey

Three life-size bronze coyotes in a beautiful Deer Valley home.

1 October 2016
Wise Guy by Josh Tobey

At home in Wyoming!

1 October 2016
Poppies by Vilanova

Amazing color in this collectors great room!

1 October 2016
Josh Tobey - The Explorers

Life size bronze bears in the home of a wonderful collector!

1 October 2016
Bronze by French artist Sable

Art in the home is a most beautiful thing!

1 October 2016
French artist Sable - Bon Voyage

A wonderful bronze with a great patina at home in Utah!

1 October 2016
Painting by Rolinda

Big & Beautiful in a Park City home

1 October 2016
Oil on canvas by Everhart

Winter is coming!

1 October 2016
Painting by Vilanova - Sculpture by Hart - Wood vessel by Knight

Great collectors!

1 October 2016
Within her Reach - bronze by Ambroson

Perfect placement in the home by gallery client

1 October 2016
Privateer & Corsair life size bronze sculpture by Tobey

Pelicans nesting in the comfort of a Texas home

1 October 2016
French sculptor Sable & Spanish painter Hinojosa

Gallery artists with a European flair in a clients home

1 October 2016
Screech Owls by Josh Tobey

Outdoors & at home in Texas

15 June 2016
Abstraction by gallery artists Yun

Beautiful abstraction in a Texas collectors home.

27 May 2016
Bears, oh my! Beautiful outdoor setting!

Josh Tobey "Moonlighter", "Belly Dancer", "Barefoot", outside at a wonderful collectors home!

27 May 2016
Josh Tobey "Siesta"

Delightful presentation in a collectors garden!

27 May 2016
Josh Tobey

Beautifully displayed at a collectors home!

15 May 2016
Amy Everhart on display in Pennsylvania

An Amy Everhart collector showing very good taste in art!

15 May 2016
Spanish master Alvar

A beautiful creation in bronze in a magnificent home in Park City!

15 May 2016
Spanish hyper- realist Javier

Javier showcased in a collectors home in North Carolina

12 April 2016
"Good Times" by Josh Tobey

This new release by Josh Tobey has already taken up residence in a Texas home!

2 April 2016
ROYO "Musical" Oil

I cannot think of a better home with very special collectors for this most beautiful painting by the Spanish master Royo.

30 March 2016
Amy Everhart "Enchanted"

The largest painting available at the Amy Everhart gallery show has found a nice home.

22 March 2016
Cowboy Cool in Georgia

"Deep in the Heart" a painting by Carrie Fell in a collectors home in Georgia

21 March 2016
McNeill landscape

A beautiful painting in a special home.

19 March 2016
Amy Everhart landscapes

New paintings arriving for the Amy Everhart show on Friday, March 25th, 6-9pm. As of this posting, 8 of her paintings have pre-sold.

13 March 2016
The beauty of wall sculpture

Contemporary elegance by Dunlop in a California home.

12 March 2016
Mixed Media Wall Sculpture

A beautiful Mixed Media abstract by Dunlop in a contemporary Virginia home.

12 March 2016
A Josh Tobey creation.

"Against All Odds" by Josh Tobey (this magnificent bird is 57" tall) shipped to a collector in a beautiful California home.

27 February 2016
Josh Tobey show!

Josh answering questions about his sculptures at his show on February 26th.

26 February 2016
We would like to welcome sculptor Josh Tobey to Park City for his two night show!

Josh surprised us by bringing three life size coyotes that where made available at a special precast price and soon to be released. Four of these life size coyotes sold at the show.

25 February 2016
"Kojiro" by Liu Miao Chan

A Samurai sculpted in all leather by a gallery artist in a Park City home.

23 February 2016
"Moonlight Ride" by Arkhipov

Fun in a ski resort. A beautiful painting by Arkhipov in an exquisite Park City home.

23 February 2016
Winter Wonderland by Arkhipov

A Winter Playground by Arkhipov in a beautiful Park City home.

22 February 2016
Fresh snow & icy cool colors by Rolinda

A Winter Landscape has found its home in New Hampshire.

17 February 2016
Dorsey McHugh Show

A fun filled evening during President Day Weekend!

17 February 2016
Three beautiful acquistions

British artist - MacKenzie Thorpe pastel. Spanish painter - a Vilanova landscape, and an American sculptor Joshua Tobey bronze. Just a few pieces in an international collection.

9 February 2016
The rich colors of a Hubene painting

Hubene aqua fauvism on display in the home of a collector.

6 February 2016
Vilanova Irises

Simple elegance by a plein air Spanish painter in a Park City home.

27 January 2016
Spanish Painter Hinojosa

Purchased for our client from a European exhibition. She is such an amazing collector!

27 January 2016
Sundance Film Festival

Shipping large paintings to collectors during the Sundance Film Festival can be tricky. This painting made it out and is on its way to a collector on the East Coast.

15 January 2016
Bold & Beautiful Aspens

Color & texture in a magnificent Deer Valley home!

7 January 2016
Springtime painting by Rolinda

Beautiful painting for a Deer Valley collector

7 January 2016
Rolinda commission for local collectors

Rolinda painting in a beautiful Park City home

4 January 2016
A Seasoned Collector!

A beautiful Amy Everhart painting flanked by Rodd Ambroson sculptures!

4 January 2016
Busy Start to the Year!

We are very appreciative of and thankful for our collector base!

29 December 2015
Mama Cougar has a new home

"Wild Instinct" and cubs, a magnificent Mountain lion by Josh Tobey has a beautiful new home in Park City for the holidays.

18 December 2015
Happy Bears by Tobey

Dancing Bears happy to be in their new home in Deer Valley with their owners for the holidays!

16 December 2015
New Chan sculpture already in a Texas home!

New sculpture by Chan entitled "Musician Under the Mountain Pine"

6 December 2015
Exquisite All Leather Sculpture

A one of a kind All Leather Sculpture by Chan, placed in one of the most beautiful homes in Utah.

29 October 2015
Bears, oh my!

Josh Tobey bears in a Texas home

29 October 2015
The beauty of art

Magnificent paintings flanking a wood vessel by gallery artists

19 October 2015
Thorpe & Samerjan

A Mackencie Thorpe bronze with a Samerjan painting above the fireplace.

19 October 2015
Busy Fall Evening

A great night to look for art

19 October 2015
Beautiful Colors by Rolinda

The beauty of color in a Park City home

17 October 2015
Rodd Ambroson Sculptures

Two Ambroson sculptures placed outdoors.

17 October 2015
Mix Media Wall Sculpture

A recent commission by Elizabeth Dunlop in an Arizona home.

17 October 2015
All Leather Sculpture

Cherry Blossoms by Lui Miao Chan in a Park City home.

17 October 2015
A Special Friend & Artist of the Gallery

Luis Sottil putting the finishing touches on a commission for a Texas client

17 October 2015
Winter Wonderland

A painting by Dorsey McHugh in a special home in Park City

26 September 2015
Cecilia Hubene

One of my very favorite artists

24 September 2015
Ted Knight Wood Vessel

Beautiful addition to a Park City home.

24 September 2015
Smith "Cascading Aspens"


24 September 2015
A Smith bronze & copper wall sculpture

Nice wall location - doesn't get any better than this

24 September 2015
Ted Knight "Spalted Palo Blanco" Wood Vessel

Another beautiful creation by Ted knight has found it's home

24 September 2015
Ted Knight's "spalted pecan"

Another beautiful home for a Ted knight original

24 September 2015
Ted Knight's beautiful wood vessel "myrtle wood / burl"

The best home possible for this magnificent wood sculpture

19 September 2015
Josh Tobey's

Josh & Jojo with our gallery clients from Wyoming.

19 September 2015
Josh Tobey's pelicans:

On their way to a beautiful home in Cabo.

19 September 2015
Josh Tobey's "Lioness & Cubs"

A new family of beautiful cats in a Deer Valley home

15 September 2015
Josh Tobey's Bears:

Wildlife on display at our client home in Texas

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